Thursday, April 28, 2016

Awards Assembly and the Geography of Ancient Greece

 Today's Learning Objective  Discuss the connections between geography and the development of city-states in the region of the Aegean Sea. 


Period 4: Awards Assembly  I know you're disappointed, students of Period 4, but you will not be doing Social Studies today. Instead, you'll be heading to the MPR for our quarterly Awards Assembly. If your substitute teacher is not aware of this, please politely inform him or her that there is an assembly this period. Bring your belongings with you because most likely you will not be coming back to the classroom. Please be on your absolute best behavior during the assembly. Congratulations to each of you who will be recognized for your academic excellence! I am very proud of you!

Period 6: EDpuzzle on the Geography and Early Greece  Today you are going to interact with an EDpuzzle video about Ancient Greek geography and history. Please take out your headphones, login to EDpuzzle, and locate the video "Geography and Early Greece." Watch the video carefully and answer the questions along the way to the best of your ability. You will be graded on the quality and completeness of your responses. If you don't finish in class, please finish for homework. 

Building Your Digital Portfolio  If you finish your EDpuzzle early, take some more time today to continue building your Digital Portfolio. Have you personalized your home screen? Make sure to tell your site visitors about the purpose of your Digital Portfolio, about who you are, and what you're about. Have you started adding content to your class pages yet? Reflect back on the school year and select the digital assignments that you are most proud of? You can add digital assignments in the form of Google documents, drawings, slide shows, maps, and videos.