Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Out Sick and Mesopotamia Timeline Project

Mr. McGinty Out Sick  Class, I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you today. I'm not feeling well and am at home trying to get better. I am confident that you will be on your very best behavior today and treat your substitute teacher(s) with the respect they deserve. I hope to see you tomorrow. Make me proud today! 

Mesopotamia Timeline Project  Today you will continue to construct your own timeline about the history of Mesopotamia. Remember you are to select at least five significant events from Mesopotamia's history, arrange them in chronological order with dates, and include an image and description of importance to accompany each event. Additional directions can be found with the assignment History of Mesopotamia Timeline. You may want to use your Social Studies textbooks, the class Blog, Mesopotamia assignments, and trusted websites as resources (such as The British Museum and Ancient History Encyclopedia) to help find the events and dates for your timeline. This assignment will count towards your assessment grade and be due this Friday, October 9.  
Homework  Continue working on both your History of Mesopotamia Timeline, as well as the Ancient Achievements Timeline Assessment, both of which are due this Friday, October 9.