Monday, October 19, 2015

Mapping Ancient Egypt and Previewing the Pharaohs

Mapping Ancient Egypt Activity  Today is your last class day to work on your map of Ancient Egypt. You can still find the assignment Map of Ancient Egypt in your Social Studies Google ClassroomRemember that directions for how to complete the activity are included with the map. 

Exploring Egyptian Pharaohs  If you completed your Ancient Egypt Map, and are ready to continue your exploration of Ancient Egypt, consider an independent investigation of what it meant to be a pharaoh. Tomorrow we will officially learn as a class that the pharaoh was essentially the ruler of Egypt, but today why don't you explore who some of the various pharaohs were over the course of Egyptian history, what their responsibilities were, and what their lives were like. 

The British Museum's Ancient Egypt site has a great section dedicated to the pharaohs here. After reading some background about pharaohs, you can read a story about one of Ancient Egypt's greatest pharaohs Ramses II here. Next, explore Egyptian wall art featuring Ramses II here. Another great resource is the Discovering Egypt site, which has a whole area dedicated to Ancient Egyptian Kings & Kings

Homework  Complete your Map of Ancient Egypt, which is due Friday, October 23