Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ancient Egypt: The Nile River Valley (Day 2)

 Today's Focus Question  How did the Nile River affect where people settled in Ancient Egypt?

The Nile River: Vocabulary Study  Today we will continue studying the key vocabulary related to the geography of Ancient Egypt, using the document The Nile River Valley - Cognitive Content Dictionary, which can be found in your Social Studies Google ClassroomWe will be using an excerpt from our Social Studies textbook, which accompanies the Cognitive Content Dictionary (and which you can also find here), to help us understand the lesson's key words and concepts.
Map of Ancient Egypt
Egypt's Black Land and Red Land
Map of Lower Egypt and the Nile Delta
Nile River Cataract
Satellite Image of Egypt 

CNN Student News and Current Event Mapping  As we watch CNN Student News today, identify one or two news stories that you can pinpoint geographically and place on the Current Event layer of your Social Studies World Map via Google Maps. 

Syria, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, and Canton Tower in China were all featured in today's segment. After pinning at least one of these places on your map, consider the most important question: What happened here? You should include a title for the event, the date(s) the event took place, a brief summary of what happened, and include an appropriate photo or video.

Homework  Complete The Nile River Valley - Cognitive Content Dictionary, which is due Friday, October 16.