Friday, August 14, 2015

Why Study History?

'Who We Are' Slideshow  Let's begin today by taking a few minutes to work on our slides for our collaborative Google Presentation slideshow about who we are. To continue your work, click the appropriate link and follow the directions. 2nd Period click here, 4th period click here, and 6th period click here. Finally, let's watch our slideshow together and learn about the members of our classroom community.

Why Study History?  In our Social Studies course this year our focus will be on studying early human history and ancient civilizations. But why? Why should we care about happened thousands or even millions of years ago? Why does what happened in the past matter to us now? Why do we study history in general and why should we care? Turn to the members of your table group and have a discussion about why you think it is important to study and understand what happened in the distant past. Discuss why learning and appreciating history is worth our time. 

Then, let's watch the perspective of a history teacher in the video below about why he believes knowing history is important.