Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Becoming Human

Partner Discussion Warm-Up: What types of evidence do scientists use to study prehistoric times?  Before beginning our lesson today I would like you to turn to your table partner and discuss what types of evidence do scientists use to study prehistoric times. What can we learn by examining these types of evidence? What are some problems with this types of evidence? Be prepared to discuss you ideas with the whole class. 

Fossil Discoveries and African Beginnings  Now we are going to read and learn about one of the most important fossil discoveries in human history. While reading think about why the discovery of "Lucy" was so important and what it tells us about our human beginnings. 

"Lucy" and Donald Johanson
A reconstruction of what "Lucy" may have looked like.

Becoming Human - An Interactive Documentary Experience  Today we are going to continue to learn about the origins of humankind by exploring the amazing website 'Becoming Human.' Click the link here and join fossil hunter and the discoverer of 'Lucy,' Donald Johanson, as he guides you through four millions years of human evolution.

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