Thursday, August 13, 2015

Community Building

Back-To-School Scavenger Hunt  Let's continue to get to know each other. For each question on the Scavenger Hunt worksheet find someone in class who shares that attribute and have them sign the answer blank for that question, as well as provide additional information. Don't have the same person sign for each question. Avoid talking to people you already know. Be brave and meet new people! We are all in this together!

'Who We Are' Google Slideshow  Let's take your new Chromebooks for a spin, start to get familiar with Google Docs, and learn about each other all at the same time. Today we are going to make a collaborative Google Presentation slideshow about who we are. Click the appropriate link and follow the directions. 2nd Period click here, 4th period click here, and 6th period click here

Homework  You may work on your Google Slide page at home, however I also will give you some class time to work on it tomorrow. Make sure you only work on your own slide.