Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Indus Valley Civilization: Guided Reading and Videos

 Today's Focus Question  How did people live in the first Indus Valley civilization?

The Indus Valley Civilization: "Into" Video Civilization  Before we read about the Indus Valley Civilization, we are going to watch a short computer-generated video that I think will help you better visualize what life may have been like for people living during this time. 

The Indus Valley Civilization: Guided Reading  Now we will read about the Indus Valley civilization from an excerpt from our Social Studies workbooks. In addition to finding out how people lived in this civilization, we will also learn about its economy and some of its mysteries. 

Like the Nile River Valley, the Indus Valley was surrounded by desert and
included a river flooded each year, bringing forth rich soil and the threat of floods.
Indus Valley cities were well organized, which must have been the result of central planning.
Indus Valley homes included a bathroom, a toilet, a sewage system, and a trash chute.
The Indus Valley economy was based on farming and trade. Traders imported and exported a variety of goods.
Little is known about the writing system of the Indus Valley civilization.
Scholars have not been able to read the symbols found on stone seals and pottery. 

Crash Course Video: The Indus Valley Civilization  Finally, let's get the Crash Course take on the Indus Valley Civilization. Watch the video carefully because it will be used tomorrow as part of an EDpuzzle assessment. 

Homework  Complete The Indus Valley Civilization - Cognitive Content Dictionary 
and the Map of South Asia, both of which are due tomorrow, Friday, December 12.   

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