Friday, December 12, 2014

EDpuzzle Video Assessment: The Indus Valley Civilization

Edpuzzle Video Assessment: The Indus Valley  Today you will demonstrate some of what you've learned about the Indus Valley Civilization by completing a mini-video assessment through EDpuzzle. After the clicking the link, click "Login," "Student," and then "Sign in with Google." If you have trouble logging in, let me know. If you never signed up in the first place back in September, you will want to click on "I'm a new student." You will be asked to "Add a class." Copy and paste your class code. 4th period students your code is epRoxy. 6th period your code is ep8vlN.

Once you're logged in, locate the Social Studies video "Indus Valley Civilization: Crash Course." This is the same video we watched as a class yesterday and will cover some of the same things you have been learning about this week. If you have headphones, use them. As the video progresses, it will stop periodically and ask you a question. You must answer the question in order to proceed. Your score on this activity will count towards your assessment grade in this class. Good luck! 

Week of Coding: From the White House to Lakeview  It's been impressive to see how many of you have demonstrated both an interest and a skill for computer coding as part of Computer Science Education Week's "Hour of Code" initiative. Everyone from President Obama to our very own Lakeview Middle School students have been getting in on the act. Keep coding! Keep creating! Keep reaching for the stars!  

Academic Free Time  If you finish the EDpuzzle activity early, you have earned academic free time. You may use this time to complete Social Studies assignments, such as The Indus Valley Civilization - Cognitive Content Dictionary or the Map of South Asia. You may use this time to complete Language Arts assignments, such as the  "I Am From" Poem  and 100 Word Challenge: 5 Words (Week #15). You may use this time to read and/or take A.R. quizzes. You may use this time to make up in incomplete or missing assignments. You may use this time to check School Loop and/or communicate with teachers about your grades and assignments. Lastly, you may also use this time to participate in Hour of Code activities. Please use your time wisely!