Friday, December 5, 2014

Ancient India: Mapping the Geography of South Asia (Day 2)

Mapping Activity: The Geography of South Asia Today you will continue to demonstrate what you have learned about the land, important places, and geographic features in and around the Indian subcontinent, by labeling a blank image of the region using the assignment Map of South Asia (which can still be found in your Social Studies folders). Remember the directions for how to complete the activity are included with the assignment. Maps and geography resources of the region can be accessed in yesterday's Social Studies blog entry. 

Online Game: The Indus Trader  Did you know the very first civilization in India began in place known as the Indus Valley? If you finish your Map of South Asia early today, I would like to invite you to learn about the people that made up one of India's earliest civilizations. Go to the BBC's Primary History: Indus Valley site here. Feel free to explore the site and feel free to play the game Indus Trader in which you get to explore the ancient cities of India.

Homework  Complete the Map of South Asia, which is formally due next Friday, December 12