Thursday, November 20, 2014

"The Prince of Egypt" and Paragraph Writing (Redux)

Beliefs of Judaism Paragraph Writing  If you still haven't completed a publishable draft of your 'Beliefs of Judaism' paragraph, that must continue to be your priority today. If you need help, I will be available at the back table. Before you decide that you're "done," make sure you check your paragraph using the rubric form yesterday. 

Video: The Prince of Egypt  For those of you who have completed a paragraph that you're proud of and who have self-assessed using the rubric, you may continue watching the movie "The Prince of Egypt" which tells the story of the ancient Hebrews enslavement in Egypt and the Exodus that follows. What does the movie tell us about the religious beliefs of the ancient Hebrews and about the nature of their relationship with God? 

Speaking of films depicting the Exodus, did you know a new movie about the historical event is coming out soon? Check out the preview below.  

Homework  A final draft of your Beliefs of Judaism: Expository Paragraph must be completed by Friday, November 21, at which time we will be publi

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