Friday, November 7, 2014

From Egypt to the Promised Land

Publishing Ancient Egypt Writing Paragraphs  If you haven't already posted your 'Ancient Egypt Writing' paragraphs, please visit your Social Studies Kidblog and 'Publish' them (Period 4 and Period 6). Remember, the paragraph counts as a 5 point mini-assessment.   

From Egypt to the Promised Land: 'The Prince of Egypt'  As we end our unit on the ancient Egyptians and start to learn about another group, the Hebrews, I thought it would be interesting to examine a moment in history where these two distinct ancient peoples intersected. Today we will watch an excerpt from the movie The Prince of Egypt. As you watch, make note of the different religious beliefs between the ancient Egyptians and the Hebrews.

Academic Study Hall  If you have major projects and assignment that have yet to be completed, I would strongly recommend not watching the movie today and instead use this time to get caught up and get your grades up. You are welcome to sit at the table in the back of the room and work quietly on the projects and assignments that demand your attention. Thank you for taking your job as a student seriously.