Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beliefs of Judaism: Paragraph Writing (Day 2)

Beliefs of Judaism Paragraph  Today we will continue writing well-written and well-organized expository paragraphs that demonstrate our understanding of the core beliefs of the religion of Judaism. 

You can still find the document Beliefs of Judaism: Expository Paragraph in your Social Studies folders. Remember the document includes a paragraph graphic organizer and a list of helpful transition words (similar to what you see featured below) to help you with the construction of your paragraph. It also provides you a space to put together the final version of your paragraph, which we will publish to Kidblog on Friday.  

If you finish your paragraphs with time to spare today, consider reviewing your paragraph alongside the rubric I will be using to assess your work. How did you assess yourself? Is there an area where improvements can be made?   

Homework  A final draft of your Beliefs of Judaism: Expository Paragraph must be completed by Friday, November 21, at which time we will be publishing our paragraphs to Kidblog

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