Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Neanderthals and Early Humans Assessment

Video: The Neanderthals  Today we are going to continue to learn about the lives of the Neanderthals by watching watching excerpts of the Discovery Channel documentary Neanderthal. While you view the film, please use the note-taking document in your Social Studies folders to keep track of what you observe and learn. (If need be, you can find a link to the document here.)     

Early Humans Assessment  As we approach the end of the unit on early humans, it's time for you to start reflecting on what you have learned. Sometimes teachers may assess your learning in the form of a traditional multiple-choice test. This time, however, I want you to demonstrate what you've learned through writing. You will write a series of paragraphs in which you address two guiding questions, which I think get at the heart of what we've studied the past two weeks: (1.) How do we study and make sense of the distant past? (2.) What do we know about the lives of early humans and how they changed over time? You will have time to work on your assessment both in class and at home. Your paragraphs must be completed before class begins on Tuesday, September 2. The assignment 'Early Humans Assessment' has been placed in each of your Social Studies folders; you may also find a link to the assignment here.  

Homework  (1.) Since tomorrow is Friday and the end of the school week, I expect certain assignments that we've worked on during the week to be completed. The two assignments I will be looking to grade are the 'Hunter-Gatherer - Cognitive Content Dictionary' and the 'Late Stone Age - Questions.' They are both due tomorrow, Friday, August 29. (2.) As far as the 'Early Humans Assessment,' you will have time to work on it in class today and tomorrow and outside of class. Once again, it is due on Tuesday, September 2.