Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Late Stone Age Peoples

Late Stone Age Peoples: Guided Reading  Towards the end of the Stone Age, two groups of larger-brained humans appeared: Neanderthals and modern humans. As we read together today, think about both the similarities and differences between these two groups and why you think only modern humans survived. (You can also find the text below on pages 14-15 of your Social Studies textbook).  

Comprehension and Critical Thinking  After reading, with the members of your team discuss and then answer the following questions: (1.) What were three ways that modern humans were different from Neanderthals? (2.) Which of these differences was most important to the future of humankind? Explain. You may record your answers using the document 'Late Stone Age Peoples - Questions' that has been placed in your Social Studies folders. If need be, you may also find a link to the document here.  

Homework  Complete the 'Late Stone Age Peoples- Questions' assignment. Please also note that the 'Early Human Writing Assessment' has been postponed until Thursday or Friday. 

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