Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hunter-Gatherer Societies (Day 2)

Hunter-Gatherer Societies: Vocabulary Study and Guided Reading (Continued)  Today we are going to continue learning about early human hunter-gather societies. We will also continue using the Cognitive Content Dictionary we started yesterday. An excerpt of the passage will be reading is posted below.  

Video: "The New History of Humanity"  The video we are going to watch today is going to both reinforce and challenge what we think we know about the evolution of our human ancestors. While watching the video, use the document here, to take notes on what in the video confirms what you already know about the lives of our early humans, what information is new regarding the lives of early humans, and what questions you still have.  

Homework  (1.) Finish your 'Hunter-Gatherer' CCD.  (2.) Finish your video notes. (3.) Study for 'Early Human' quiz.