Friday, April 25, 2014

The Geography of Ancient Greece

Warm Up: The British Museum Website Exploration and Padlet Observations Continue to familiarize yourself with the Geography of Ancient Greece by exploring The British Museum's website here. If you haven't already, read the introduction, follow the story of Odysseus' travels to many fantastic lands, explore maps of Ancient Greece, and finally investigate an Ancient Greek shipwreck. Also, make sure to closely study the image above. Next, head on over to Padlet and share some your observations about Greek geography and/or culture on our digital community wall. 3rd period, you can find your Padlet wall here. 6th period, your Padlet wall is here.  

EDpuzzle: Geography and Early Greece  Today you are going to interact with an EDpuzzle video about Ancient Greek geography and history. Please take out your headphones, login to EDpuzzle, and locate the video "Geography and Early Greece." Watch the video carefully and answer the questions along the way to the best of your ability. You will be graded on the quality and completeness of your responses. If you don't finish in class, please finish for homework.  

Video: Historical Overview of Ancient Greece  Why does Ancient Greece matter? Why are we studying these people? Begin to find out by watching a brief overview about the importance of the Ancient Greeks below.  

Homework  Complete your 'Geography and Early Greece EDpuzzle.