Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ancient China: Finishing Touches

Warm Up: Silent Reading and Digital Reading Log  Please take out your A.R. book and began silent reading. When you hear the alarm, you may open your Chromebook and make a reading entry using our digital reading log here.   

Digital China Video: Finishing Touches Today is your last chance to put the finishing touches on your video in class. Check the order of your images, make sure your text is just right, and review your music and theme. Once you're satisfied with the your video you are ready to publish. Click "Publish" towards the top of the screen.  Make sure both WeVideo and Google Drive are selected as destinations to "Upload to." Before you click "Publish video" your screen should look like this: 

Your video will then take several minutes to publish. After your video publishes to your Google Drive, move it to your name folder within your Social Studies folder so you can it be graded. Final Deadline: Before the start of class, tomorrow, April 23.  

BrainPOP: Great Wall of China If you are finished with your Ancient China Video, you may do a BrainPOP activity on the Great Wall of China.  From you Google Drive, select the BrainPOP App.  

Once you've launched the BrainPOP App, search for "Great Wall of China."

Watch the movie and then do one of the quizzes or activities. After completion you can send your quiz or activity to me for credit using my email:  matthew_mcginty@pvusd.net