Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mapping Ancient Egypt

Mapping Ancient Egypt Activity  Today you will demonstrate what you have learned about the land, important places, and geographic features in and around Ancient Egypt, by labeling a blank map of the region. In your Social Studies Google Classroom you can find the assignment Map of Ancient Egypt. Directions for how to complete the activity are included with the map. 

You may utilize various resources to help you complete the activity. The map below, featured in our Social Studies textbooks, I find particularly helpful. The British Museum's Egypt site also features various maps of Egypt here. Also, some really nice maps of Ancient Egypt can be found here.  

This mapping activity builds upon things that we have studied in class and serves as one way to demonstrate what you have learned about the geography of Ancient Egypt. Therefore, it will count towards your Social Studies assessment grade. Your Map of Ancient Egypt will be due on Friday, November 3

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