Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ancient Egypt: The Nile River Valley (Day 2)

 Today's Focus Question  How did the Nile River affect where people settled in Ancient Egypt?

Warm Up: Adventure on the Nile River  Today you will begin your day at the British Museum's Egypt website here. Your task is to accompany an ancient Egyptian boy from a farming family as he navigates the Nile River. You will help the boy make important decisions about how and where he travels. His survival may ultimately be in your hands. Pay attention to the details of ancient Egypt's geography along the way. 

Guided Reading: The Nile River Valley  Now we will read from the textbook section "The Nile River Valley". The reading selection can be found digital form in your Social Studies Google Classroom, on pages 96-99 of your Social Studies textbooks, and at the link here

As you read, you will record key information from the section using the document The Nile River Valley - Notetaking Study Guide, which can also be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom.

Map of Ancient Egypt, featuring Lower and Upper Egypt

The kings of Upper Egypt work white crown, while the kings of Lower Egypt wore red.

Lower and Upper Egypt were often at war with each other.

According to legend, King Menes was the two kingdoms into one, in about 3100 B.C. The ruler of the combined kingdom wore a double crown of red and white, and was known as the "Lord of the Two Lands." 

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