Friday, November 18, 2016

Current Event Friday

Watch this week's 'The Week in Rap' to find out what's happening in New Delhi, India. 

Adding to Our Social Studies Google Map  First, today we are going to pin the current event story you researched most recently, as part of the "Current Events" layer of your Social Studies Events Map. Follow the steps: pin event in its proper geographic location, add a title, include the text from your current event summary, post a related image, and consider including a specialized icon for your pin.

Flocabulary: The Week in Rap  Many important news events took place around the world this week. Let's review some of them with our friends at Flocabulary.

Researching and Summarizing a Current Event  This week Flocabulary rapped about air pollution in India, kids suing the government over climate change, diverse women winning important seats in the U.S. Senate, a rise in hate crimes since the presidential election, the talent and speed of female Japanese basketball players
and a study about ticklish rats

Your objective is to select the story the most interests you, click the link for additional information, take notes, and then write a current event summary. Locate the document Current Event Notes and Summary in your Social Studies Google Classroom. This assignment will be due Friday, December 2 

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