Monday, November 7, 2016

CNN Student News and Researching and Summarizing a Current Event

Women will be allowed to participate in the Mavericks surf competition this year.
Might this me your chosen current event of the week? 

CNN Student News  Let's begin today with a new edition of CNN Student News. You may want to include a story from today's segment or from last week's "The Week In Rap" as the current event you research and summarize and ultimately include on your Social Studies Events Map

Researching and Summarizing a Current Event  This past week Flocabulary's "The Week In Rap" and today's edition of CNN Student News featured stories about the end of the app Vine, how listening to music may help improve HIIT (High-Intensity interval training) workouts, Maverick's surfing competition which will include women for the first time in 17 years, the Chicago Cubs winning their first World Series in 108 yearsa study that show Lyft and Uber have discriminated against black passengers, the FBI concluding no new action against Hillary Clinton for her emails, how Daylight Saving Time can cause seasonal depression, and the New York City marathon

Your objective is to select the story the most interests you, click the link for additional information, take notes, and then write a current event summary. Locate the document Current Event Notes and Summary in your Social Studies Google Classroom. This assignment will be due Thursday, November 10.

Homework  Continue working on your Current Event Notes and Summary, which will be due Thursday, November 10. 

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