Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Beliefs of Buddhism

Buddha teaches the ascetics in Deer Park. 

 Today's Learning Objective  Know the life and teachings of the Buddha.

Compare and Contrast: Buddhism and Hinduism  When you compare, you look for the ways in which things are similar. When you contrast, you look for differences between things. Let's think about what we already know about the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as examine the text and graphic below, and identify some similarities and differences. Begin to fill out the Buddhism and Hinduism - Venn Diagram, which we will add to as our unit continues.

The Buddha's Teachings: The Middle Way and The Four Noble Truths  Today we are going to focus on understanding two of Buddha's teachings: 'The Middle Way' and 'The Four Noble Truths.' As we read excerpts together from your Social Studies textbook, Ancient Civilizations, record your essential understandings of these teachings using the document Buddhism Study Guide (A Central Idea and Its Parts)

Homework  (1.) Continue working on your Buddhism and Hinduism - Venn Diagram  and Buddhism Study Guide (A Central Idea and Its Parts). (2.) Complete your Life of Buddha Comic Strip, which is due on Friday, March 4