Monday, March 7, 2016

Buddhism: Odds & Ends

 Today's Learning Objective  * Know the life and teachings of the Buddha. * Determine a central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details. 

The Buddha's Teachings: Nirvana  A final goal for a person who follows the Eightfold Path is to achieve nirvana. Read about this concept from an excerpt from your Ancient Civilizations textbook below and take notes using your Buddhism Study Guide (A Central Idea and Its Parts). How is the idea of nirvana both similar and different to Hindu belief in moksha  

Buddhist Practice: Meditation  Meditation is an essential part of Buddhist practice, for Buddhist monks and ordinary people alike, but how exactly does it work? Read about it here and watch the video below. 

Determining the Central Idea of the Buddhism Unit  Over the course of the last several weeks as we have studied Buddhism, you have utilized the document Buddhism Study Guide (A Central Idea and Its Parts). You have taken notes on the parts, the details, and the various elements of Buddhism, while the leaving the 'Central Idea' section blank. What I want you to do today is to review your notes about the various elements of Buddhism in order to determine what is the larger, more central idea about Buddhism they work together to convey. Write a central idea statement about the religion of Buddhism based on the notes you have taken.  

CNN Student News and Google Mapping  As we watch CNN Student News today, identify one or two news stories that you can pinpoint geographically and place on the Current Event layer of your Social Studies World Map via Google Maps. 

Macedonia; North Korea; Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador; Brazil; and Traverse City, Michigan were all featured in today's segment. After pinning at least one of these places on your map, consider the most important question: What happened here? You should include a title for the event, the date(s) the event took place, a brief summary of what happened, and include an appropriate photo or video. If you need to refer to a transcript of today's broadcast you can find it here.
Homework  (1.) Complete your Buddhism Study Guide (A Central Idea and Its Parts), which is officially due Friday, March 11(2.) If you have not yet turned in your Life of Buddha Comic Strip, it is now overdue and must be completed and turned in as soon as possible or risk an 'incomplete' assessment grade becoming permanent.