Monday, May 11, 2015

Julius Caesar and the Rise of the Roman Empire

 Today's Learning Objective  Discuss the influence of Julius Caesar in Rome's transition from republic to empire.

BrainPop: Rise of the Roman Empire Last week we learned about the development of the Roman Republic. Today we examine how the growth of the empire of Rome leads to the fall of the Roman Republic and the ambitions of men such as Julius Caesar. We begin with the BrainPop video and online quiz: "Rise of the Roman Empire" which can be accessed from the BrainPop app within your Google Drive.   

Guided Reading: The Fall of the Republic Now we will read an excerpt from our Social Studies textbook entitled "The Fall of the Republic" about this important time in Roman history. Afterwards, you will work on answering the questions from the document Julius Caesar - Questions and Answers which you can find at your Social Studies Google Classroom

Homework Complete and 'turn in' the assignment Julius Caesar - Questions and Answers by Friday, May 15

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