Friday, May 8, 2015

Game On!

Homework Submission If you haven't done so already and you completed your Ancient Rome: A New Power Rises (Reading and Fill-in-the-Blank) assignment, please go to Google Classroom and submit your assignment. If you do not submit your assignment today you will receive an 'incomplete' until it is completed and submitted. 

Academic Tutorial Time If you have assignments or assessments for either Language Arts or Social Studies that you have not yet completed, I would like to provide you time to get caught up today. 

These may include the following: 
If you do complete one of the above, please make sure to Loop Mail me so I can make sure you receive proper credit towards your grade. 

Computer Game Reward Time If you have finished all of the above and your grades are in good standing, you should be celebrated and rewarded. Congratulations! You have earned 'Computer Game Reward Time'. Head on over to BrainPop and choose from the assortment of high-interest educational games, including those featured below.