Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Goodbye Ancient China, Hello Ancient Greece

Ancient China EDpuzzle If you haven't done so, please finish your Ancient China EDpuzzle we began yesterday. It is due on Friday and will count towards your the assessment portion of your Social Studies grade. 

Introduction to the Geography of Ancient Greece The geography of Ancient Greece is unlike that of any other civilization we have studied this year.Familiarize yourself with the Geography of Ancient Greece by exploring The British Museum's website here. Read the introduction, follow the story of Odysseus' travels to many fantastic lands, explore maps of Ancient Greece, and finally investigate an Ancient Greek shipwreck. If you do not get to fully explore the site in class today, please do so outside of class. 

Homework (1.) Complete the Ancient China EDpuzzle. (2.) Finish fully exploring the 'Geography' section of the British Museum's website on Ancient Greece.