Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Comparing and Contrasting Sparta and Athens (Day 2)

 Today's Learning Objective  Compare and contrast life in Athens and Sparta.

Video Analysis: Sparta and Athens  Today we will continue use our Athens and Sparta - Venn diagram to explore the similarities and differences between Ancient Greece's two most famous city-states, Sparta and Athens. First, we will watch a compilation of scenes from the movie 300, which illustrates the values, emphasis on war, and harsh lifestyle of the Spartans. Continue to use your Venn Diagram from yesterday to take notes and similarities and differences. 

Next, we will watch a BrainPop video on life in Athens. I will play the video for you on the Big Screen, but you may also access the video using the BrainPop app in your Google Drive. 

Types of Government: Sparta and Athens  Now we will read about the different types of government in Ancient Greece, particularly in Sparta and Athens. A document Government in Ancient Greece (Sparta and Athens) has been placed in your Social Studies folders. Please open it and let's process it together. Continue to add new details to your Athens and Sparta - Venn diagram. Tomorrow we will use the similarities and differences about Athens and Sparta that we have gathered to write compare/contrast paragraphs.    

Homework  Complete your Athens and Sparta - Venn diagram.  

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