Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life in Ancient Greece

Life in Ancient Greece: Web Exploration  What was it like living in Ancient Greece? Was life different for the wealthy compared to to the poor? What rights and responsibilities did women have? What was life like for boys and girls? What did different people do for work? What food did people typically eat and drink? How did they dress? What was housing like? You will discover the answers to these questions and many more during today's web exploration activity.  

Today you will be exploring BBC's Primary History Ancient Greeks website. You will focus on three areas: The Greek World, Home Life, and Growing Up in Greece. Explore each of these sections and use the assignment here to record what you learn. 

If you complete the assignment early and well, you may play the game Greek Hero available on the site's homepage.  

Homework  (1.) Complete your 'Life in Ancient Greece' Website Exploration. This will due next week.  (2.) Complete and turn in (to your name folder within your Social Studies folder) all other Social Studies assignments from the week. These include: your Ancient Greece Map Project and the Greek City-State/Polis Activity. Deadline: before the start of class, Tomorrow, May 2.