Monday, May 5, 2014

Becoming Ancient Greek (The Research Continues)

Becoming Ancient Greek: Investigative Research Activity  Today you will continue to research the details of the lives of the Ancient Greeks in order for you to create a more authentic portrait of a fictional ancient Greek person. Similar to a novelist who researches the topic of their next book before they begin to write, you are researching Ancient Greece so the fictionalized journal entries that you will be writing feel as realistic as possible.

You can still find the document here to record the details of your background. Once again you can and should utilize multiple sources to do your research. Your Social Studies textbooks are a great resource, as is the collection of Ancient Greek books in the front of the classroom. The websites linked below are also a valuable resource for information about Ancient Greece. (I've included a new link by Social Studies teacher Mr. Donn which includes an awesome treasure trove of information.) Tomorrow we will begin writing our journal entries, so try to complete your research today.