Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What Does Confucius Say?

Chinese philosopher Confucius

 Today's Learning Objective  Identify the political and cultural problems prevalent in the time of Confucius and how he sought to solve them.

Confucius Warm-Up  Read about the life and work of Confucius, one of the world's most famous philosophers, here. The reading is also available in video form below. 

Next, head over to your Padlet wall (Period 3 and Period 5) and share one thing you learned about his life and one thing you learned about his ideas.

EDpuzzle Video: Confucius  Put your developing understanding of Confucius to the test by interacting with an EDpuzzle video about the famous Chinese philosopher. Login, watch the video "Confucius" carefully, and answer the five questions.

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