Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Examining the Caste System and Caste System Discrimination

Examining the Caste System  Today we will continue to examine the caste system by reading an excerpt from our Social Studies text and viewing videos from several different sources. Continue to take notes using the Caste System - Study Guide from yesterday. 

Begin by reading an excerpt from our Social Studies textbook below with the members of your team. According to this source, what are some costs and benefits of the caste system?

Now you will a few videos related to India's caste system. What do these videos add to your understanding of the caste system? Do you find the system unfair? Why or why not? Add your thoughts to the Caste System - Study Guide

Examining Caste System Discrimination  We will now continue to examine the caste system from multiple perspectives, as we take a more critical look at this institution and explorwhat is known as caste system discrimination. You will continue to take notes about what you learn and think using the Caste System - Study Guide

Watch the videos below, which shines light at the plight of the untouchables and the existence of caste system discrimination.

More information about caste discrimination from the International Dalit Solidarity Network can be found below.

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