Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Incredibly True and Sometimes Strange Story of Shi Huangdi

Shi Huangdi, "First Emperor" 

 Today's Learning Objective  List the policies and achievements of the emperor Shi Huangdi in unifying northern China under the Qin Dynasty. 

Reading and Writing Warm-Up  Read about the life, achievements, and 'dark side' of ancient China's "First Emperor" Shi Huangdi here. Next, answer questions about what your read here.  

Video: 'First Emperor of China'  Today we will watch a short film about Shi Huangdi and his impact on China. Pay attention to several of the film's areas of focus: the dragon motif, Qin Dynasty warfare, Chinese writing, Qin's Code of Law, and the Great Wall of China. Take notes on how each of these subjects are depicted using the document First Emperor of China - Notes, which can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom

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