Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ancient China: The Shang Dynasty Meets InsertLearning

 Today's Learning Objective  Locate and describe the origins of Chinese civilization during the Shang Dynasty.  

Video Warm Up  Watch the video below and then write a response explaining the significance of the Shang Dynasty here.  

Getting Started with InsertLearning  Today we will be signing up for a new program called InsertLearning. InsertLearning lets you answer questions, see teacher notes, and take your own notes on any webpage. To get started, you first need to visit the Chrome Web Store and install the InsertLearning extension.  

Shang Dynasty InsertLearning Assignment  Today you will be reading an online article about the the Shang Dynasty InsertLearning style. I have embedded questions, videos, pictures, and vocabulary support to make your online reading experience more meaningful and interactive. You will also receive points for questions that you answer correctly. You can access the article at your Social Studies Google Classroom. This assignment should be completed by next Friday, May 5.

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