Tuesday, March 7, 2017

India's Vedic Age and the Caste System

Today's Focus Question  What impact did the Aryans have on ancient and modern India?

India's Vedic Age: Guided Reading  Today we are going to continue to learn about the impact the Aryans had on ancient and modern India. We will read about what their lives were like and some of their early religious beliefs (which would later become part of the foundation of the religion of Hinduism). Specifically, we will try to understand the Varna system (which the caste system evolved from). As you read and learn about the caste system from multiple sources, you will take notes using the Caste System - Study Guide (which can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom).  

Videos: The Caste System and the Untouchables  While the caste system has changed and evolved since the days of the Indo-Aryans, it is still an established part of Indian society today. In the videos below, pay special attention to the role and treatment of Dalits (the modern name for untouchables). Continue to use your Caste System - Study Guide to take notes.   


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