Monday, February 6, 2017

The Ancient Hebrews: The Spread of Judaism (Day 2)

The Diaspora of Jews followed the laws and rituals of Judaism wherever they were.

 Today's Focus Question  How did the influence of Judaism spread across time and place? 

The Spread of Judaism: Reading and Notetaking  Today we will continue to learn about the spread of Judaism, with a special focus on the time of judges and kings, the Diaspora, and the legacy of Judaism. You will be taking notes on these important ideas using the Spread of Judaism - Notetaking Study Guide, which can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom. You have two different sources available to locate pertinent information. You may utilize the relevant section of your Social Studies textbook here, and/or you may reference the excerpt from your Social Studies workbook below. 

Judges could inspire an army of volunteers.

The time of judges came to an end when a warrior named Saul become king. 
After King Solomon's Death, the kingdom of Israel split into two parts.
After being conquered, many Jews were sent into exile

The synagogue allowed Jews to practice their religion wherever they were in the world. 
Yohann ben Zaccai was important for helping to preserve Jewish teaching and learning. 
Judaism introduced the idea of one God to the world. 

Homework  Complete the assignment Spread of Judaism - Notetaking Study Guide, which along with The Spread of Judaism - Cognitive Content Dictionary, will be due on Friday, February 10

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