Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Ancient Hebrews: The Origins of Judaism (Day 2)

Of all the stories in the Hebrew Bible the Exodus is among the best known and most influential.

 Unit Focus Question  How did the Hebrews have a lasting impact on Western Civilization? 

 Today's Focus Question  What were the origins and early beliefs of the Hebrews?

The Origins of Judaism: Guided Reading  Today we will read in small groups about the 'Origins of Judaism' from an excerpt from our Social Studies workbooks below. As you read, please consider the following questions:
  •  How did the beliefs of the Hebrews differ from those of other people at the time?
  •  What happened during the Exodus? Why do you think this event is considered so  significant to the  ancient Hebrews and to Jewish people today? 
You will record the answers to these questions on the assignment Origins of Judaism - Questions, which can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom. I've included a PDF of the reading passage below in your Social Studies Google Classroom as well. 

Homework  Complete the assignment Origins of Judaism - Questions, which will be due on Friday, January 27

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