Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summarizing 'Lucy'

 Today's Learning Objectives  Learn about the physical and social development of early humans through archaeological discoveries* Provide a summary of the text distinct from person opinions or judgements.

Notetaking Guide: The Five W's and One H  Today you are going to begin to synthesize (combine) the information you have learned about ‘Lucy’ from the various sources we have studied, including our Social Studies textbook, the article “The ‘Lucy’ fossil rewrote the story of humanity,” 'The Becoming Human' website and the videos we’ve watched, especially the interview with Donald Johanson and the excerpt from “Walking with Cavemen.” Use the reporter’s 5 W’s and one H to organize your facts: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Ultimately, you will use these notes to write a summary. You can find the document Writing an Event Summary - 'Lucy' in your Social Studies Google Classroom.

More information about 'Lucy' and her discovery from our Social Studies textbook can be found below.

Writing a Summary Paragraph After you have gathered basic facts and information about 'Lucy' and her discovery, you are going to demonstrate what you’ve learned about the topic by writing a short summary (using the same Writing an Event Summary - 'Lucy' document). Your summary should include only the most relevant information, be composed of your own words and original sentences, and not include opinions or judgements. For a reminder on summary writing check we will watch a video about the topic from our friends at Flocabulary.

FYI: The 'Five W's and One H' component of this project will count towards your grade as a classwork assignment. Meanwhile, the 'Summary' will count towards the assessment portion of your Social Studies grade. The Writing an Event Summary - 'Lucy' document will be due next Friday, September 2.

Don't forget that your Studying the Distant Past - Cognitive Content Dictionary is due and must be 'turned-in' tomorrow, August 26, in order to receive full credit.