Tuesday, February 9, 2016

CNN Student News and Caste System Infographic Project

Find out who Nora is in today's CNN Student News.

CNN Student News
  As we watch CNN Student News today, identify one or two news stories that you can pinpoint geographically and place on the Current Event layer of your Social Studies World Map via Google Maps. 

Pyongyang, North Korea; Rio de Janeiro, Brazi; Dixville Notch, New Hampshire; and the Columbus Zoo in Ohio were all featured in today's segment. After pinning at least one of these places on your map, consider the most important question: What happened here? You should include a title for the event, the date(s) the event took place, a brief summary of what happened, and include an appropriate photo or video. If you need to refer to a transcript of today's broadcast you can find it here.

Creating a Caste System Infographic  Today will be your last class period to work on your Caste System Infographic. Remember that your infographic may include information about how the caste sytem began, how it's both similar and different from other social class structures that you've learned about, the different levels (or castes) that make up the system, and its costs and benefits. You may also choose to use have your infographic shine light on the plight of the untouchables by including facts and statistics about their treatment, as well as the existence of caste system discrimination. 

You may rely on your notes from your Caste System - Study Guide, this Blog, your Social Studies text, and trusted online sources to assist you in gathering the necessary facts and information for this project. You may choose to use either Google Drawings or the website that specializes in the design of infographics called easel.ly. This assignment will be due on Friday, February 12.