Friday, November 20, 2015

Look Up and Look Around

Movie: "Children of Heaven"  Today we will continue our screening of the Iranian film "Children of Heaven." As you watch, continue to make note of the similarities and differences between our two cultures. Additionally, continue to analyze the traits of the film's main characters. Who are they as human beings? How do you know? You will continue to use the Children of Heaven - Study Guide to keep track of your notes and ideas.

Reflection and Discussion  At the conclusion of "Children of Heaven," take some time to reflect. How has this movie and the lessons of the past week changed your ideas about people from the Middle East and the religion of Islam? Before you saw this movie, did you think differently about people from this part of the world than you do now? Has this movie challenged or changed any stereotypes that you used to have? Write your response in the space provided within your Children of Heaven - Study Guide. Next, identify one idea that you wrote down that you think is important enough to be shared with the members of your group and potentially with the whole-class. Be prepared to discuss.  

Video of the Day: "Look Up"  As we inch closer to the beginning of Thanksgiving Break, which will no doubt filled with gadgets of all sorts, from Chromebooks, to iPhones, to Xboxes, to Play Stations, to Androids, and everything else in between, I find it necessary to remind you to occasionally, "look up." Take a moment to look up from the screens that play such a huge roll in our daily lives nowadays and try to truly see what is happening all around you. Look up and see your family and friends. Look up and see what is happening in your community. Look up and see what is taking place right now across the nation and the world. Do not become so beholden to your gadgets and their screens that you fail to witness that actual life is unfolding all around you. Look up, look around, and see! Enjoy the video!   

Homework  Complete the Children of Heaven - Study Guide, which is due Tuesday,November 24.