Friday, February 6, 2015

The Four Noble Truths and Life of Buddha Comic

 Today's Learning Objective  Know the life and teachings of the Buddha.

The Teachings of Buddha: The Four Noble Truths  Today we are going to continue to examine the teachings of Buddha, specifically the idea of the 'Four Noble Truths.' We will read a short excerpt from our Ancient Civilizations workbook, as well as watch a short video about Buddhism produced by Crash Course. Your task is to continue to take notes using your Buddhism Study Guide (A Central Idea and Its Parts).


Life of Buddha Comic Strip  Today is the absolute last day to work on your 'Life of Buddha Comic Strip' in class, as it is due on Monday, February 9.  

Remember, you have a choice of whether to create a comic strip digitally using ToonDoo or drawing and designing one in the classic style using paper and colored pencils and markers. Regardless, of the style you use to create your comic, the criteria used to assess your work will be the same. (See rubric below.)

However, if you are creating a comic with ToonDoo, you need to decide how you are going to "turn in" your work to me on Monday. One option is to e-mail me your work ( directly from ToonDoo. The preferred option, I believe, is to take screen shots of your various panels and submit them together to me as a Google Doc or post them on Kidblog. 

How do you take a screen shot using a Chromebook? Taking a 'partial screenshot' will allow you to crop your image to your specifications. Just press the control, shift, and the 'window shifter' keys at the same time. Size your screenshot and then release. Your image should then be saved directly to your Chromebook. 

Once you have taking screenshots of the various parts of your comic, and in turn saved them as images onto your computer, you can upload them. You could insert them into the document Life of Buddha Comic Strip (which I've placed in each of your Social Studies folders). 

Another option is to make a new post to your Social Studies Kidblog (Period 4 and Period 6) and 'upload/insert' your screenshots there. 

Homework  Complete your Life of Buddha Comic Strip, which is due on Monday, February 9